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Nothing is a rule by wwei23, based off a rule called Ocean by -4 Heavpoot and DigitalCross.

Because danny said wwei23 contributed nothing, wwei23 decided to literally name the rule "Nothing".


Due to its similarity to Ocean, it inherits many patterns from it.

Still lives

Nothing has a few known still lives, the block, the snake, and the aircraft carrier.

x=2, y = 2, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 2o$2o! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]
x=4, y = 2, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 2obo$ob2o! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]
x=4, y = 3, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 2o2b$o2bo$2b2o! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]


There are a few known oscillators, not based on a replicator or gun. The beacon is extendible.

Beacon: can be extended by adding more blocks to the ends.

x=4, y = 4, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 2o2b$2o2b$2b2o$2b2o! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]


x=4, y = 5, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an b2o$obo$o2bo$o$2bo! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]

Fountain (DigitalCross)/No u (Majestas32)

x=6, y = 6, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 2bo2bo$b2o$2obo$2bob2o$3b2o$o2bo! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]


Nothing has some small spaceships, one infinitely extendible in width.


x=3, y = 3, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 2ob$2bo$2ob! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]

Replicator-based spaceship

x=19, y = 10, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an obo13b2o$2bo12bo2bo$16b2o2$8b2o$8b2o2$16b2o$2bo12bo2bo$obo13b2o! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]

Infinite growth patterns

The replicator

This replicator has an unusual mechanism.

Like almost all replicators and self-stretching wicks, it first splits into 2 copies of itself. Each copy then starts the reaction again. Here, the paths diverge. A normal replicator: As the replicating replicator splits again, they collide in the middle. There is a replicator on each end, but nothing is left in the middle. A logarithmic replicator: [Needs explanation] A self stretching wick: As the replicating replicator splits again, they collide in the middle. This time, a replicator is left in the middle. It is in sync with the copies at the end. This replicator: As the replicating replicator splits again, they collide in the middle. This time, a replicator is created in the middle, but unlike the previous case, it is ONE ENTIRE STEP OUT OF SYNC WITH THE REPLICATORS AT THE END!!! One step behind, to be specific. So, what happens when a replicating replicator collides with its 1-step-out-of-sync neighbor? Nothing is left behind. Like before, there are replicators left at the end.

x=4, y = 3, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an b2o$o2bo$b2o! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]


There is a self-synthesizing gun made of two replicators one cell apart.

x=8, y = 7, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 2o4b2o$2bo2bo$2o4b2o2$2o4b2o$2bo2bo$2o4b2o! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]


There exist a large variety of puffers, the ones listed below have either less than four replicator lanes, are clean rakes, or do not use the replicator.

x=8, y = 8, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 2o2b2o$2obo2bo$4b2o3$4b2o$2obo2bo$2o2b2o! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]

The repship has a puffer tagalong:

x=17, y = 20, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 7bo2bo$3bo3b4o3bo$3b2o2bo2bo2b2o$3bo3b4o3bo$7bo2bo$2o$2o$7bo2bo$3bo3b 4o3bo$3b2o2bo2bo2b2o$3bo3b4o3bo$7bo2bo2$7b2o2$15b2o$15b2o$15b2o2$7b2o! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]

This is a single-replicator-lane puffer that appeared out of an explosion:

x=96, y = 41, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 4b2o5bo$11bo$2b2o3b4o$obo11bo$2bobo6b2o$o3b2o4bo$10bo2bo$10b2o$10b2o$ 27bob2o$17bo9bo3bo$9bo6bob2o8bo4bo$7bo5bo3bo16bo$5bo11bo10bob4o$5b2o5b o2b2o6b2o$5bo6bo2bo7b2o21bo4b3o$48bobobobo$42b2o5b5obo$43bo3bob2obobob o$41bo2bo6bobo2bo31bo2b2o2bo$41b2o9bo4bo30b3o2b3o$41bo2bo6bobo2bo31bo 2b2o2bo$43bo3bob2obobobo$42b2o5b5obo$48bobobobo$5bo6bo2bo7b2o21bo4b3o$ 5b2o5bo2b2o6b2o$5bo11bo10bob4o$7bo5bo3bo16bo$9bo6bob2o8bo4bo$17bo9bo3b o$27bob2o$10b2o$10b2o$10bo2bo$o3b2o4bo$2bobo6b2o$obo11bo$2b2o3b4o$11bo $4b2o5bo! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]


Repships can interact to form puffers, and those puffers can be used with more repships to form rakes.

This is one of the simplest of said rakes. It is period 32.

x=40, y = 32, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 31b2o2b2o$30bo2b2o2bo$31b2o2b2o2$25b2o$25b2o2$31b2o2b2o$18b2o10bo2b2o 2bo$18b2o11b2o2b2o2$21bo2bo$20bo3bo$4b2o6b2o6bo3bo6bo2bo$4b2o6b2o7b3o 3b2obo4bob2o$8b2o6b2o8bo3bob2obo3bo$8b2o6b2o9b2obo4bob2o$31bo2bo$9b2o 13b2o$24b2o$b2o14b2o12bo2bo$2b2o13b2o8b2obo4bob2o$o16b2o7bo3bob2obo3bo $5bo21b2obo4bob2o$9b2o20bo2bo$9b2o$5bo$o16b2o$2b2o13b2o$b2o14b2o2$9b2o ! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]

There is a significantly more complicated rake, however, its output is period 16.

x=180, y = 80, rule = B2e35y7e/S1c2ace3an 80bo2bo35bo2b2o2bo$76b2obo4bob2o28b2ob3o2b3ob2o$40bo2bo31bo3bob2obo3bo 26bo2bo8bo2bo$39bo4bo31b2obo4bob2o28b2ob3o2b3ob2o$40bo2bo36bo2bo31bo3b o2b2o2bo$73b2o39b2o$33b2o38b2o39b2o$33b2o45bo2bo31bo3bo2b2o2bo$76b2obo 4bob2o28b2ob3o2b3ob2o$40bo2bo31bo3bob2obo3bo26bo2bo8bo2bo$27b2o10bo4bo 31b2obo4bob2o28b2ob8ob2o$26bo13bo2bo36bo2bo35bo6bo$80b2o38b4o$27bo3bo$ 27bo2b2o28b2o6b2o31b2o6b2o$12b2o6b2o7b3o8b2o18b2o6b2o18b2o11b2o6b2o17b o2bo$12b2o6b2o14b2obo2bob2o18b2o6b2o13bo2bo14b2o6b2o12bo4bo$16b2o6b2o 9bo4b2o4bo17b2o6b2o14b2o15b2o6b2o13bo2bo$16b2o6b2o10b2obo2bob2o$40b2o 38b2o39b2o$32b2o46b2o39b2o$13b2obo2bob2o9b2o28bo2b2o2bo32b2ob4ob2o$10b o6b2o6bo14b2o20b3o2b3o18b2o12b2obo2bob2o16bo2bo3bo13bo2bo$10b3obo6bob 3o10b2obo2bob2o16bo2b2o2bo4bo12bo2bo11b2ob4ob2o15bo4bo2bo13b4o$10bo6b 2o6bo9bo4b2o4bo25bobo13b2o38bo2bo17bo2bo$9bo3b2obo2bob2o13b2obo2bob2o 6bobo2b2o39b2o$11bo28b2o10bobo2b2o34bobo2b2o42b2o$11bo41bo39bobo46b2o$ 9bo3b2obo2bob2o39bo2b2o2bo24bo7b2ob4ob2o56b2o$10bo6b2o6bo36b3o2b3o32b 2obo2bob2o25bo11bo2bo$4bobo3b3obo6bob3o36bo2b2o2bo32b2ob4ob2o37b4o7b2o 14b2o$4bobo3bo6b2o6bo109b2obo10bo2bo8b2o13b2o$5bo7b2obo2bob2o113b5o18b o16b2o$136bo27bo$83bobo51b2obo27b2o$57b2o14b2o14b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o6b 2o8bo28b2o$57b2o14b2o9bo4b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o14b2ob4ob2o9bo$2bo15bo 126b2obo2bob2o4bo16b2o$o2b2o11bo2b2o12b2o110b2ob4ob2o6b2o2bo6bo3b2o$4b o15bo11bo2bo13b2o14b2o14b2o77b2obobo10b2o$b3o13b3o12bo16b2o14b2o14b2o 80bo$32bo131bobo$35bo129bo$33bo17b2o14b2o14b2o14b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o6b 2o6b2o6b2o$34b2o15b2o14b2o14b2o14b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o6b2o15bo2b 2o2bo$172b3o2b3o$12bo7b2obo2bob2o142bo2b2o2bo$11bobo3bo6b2o6bo$11bobo 3b3obo6bob3o27bo7b2obo2bob2o$17bo6b2o6bo26bobo3bo6b2o6bo32b2ob4ob2o$ 16bo3b2obo2bob2o29bobo3b3obo6bob3o32b2obo2bob2o$18bo46bo6b2o6bo24bo7b 2ob4ob2o$18bo28b2o15bo3b2obo2bob2o26bobo$16bo3b2obo2bob2o13b2obo2bob2o 13bo37bobo2b2o$17bo6b2o6bo9bo4b2o4bo12bo28b2o12b2o$17b3obo6bob3o10b2ob o2bob2o11bo3b2obo2bob2o13b2obo2bob2o38bo2bo$17bo6b2o6bo14b2o16bo6b2o6b o9bo4b2o4bo11b2ob4ob2o15bo4bo$20b2obo2bob2o9b2o24b3obo6bob3o10b2obo2bo b2o12b2obo2bob2o16bo2bo$39b2o24bo6b2o6bo14b2o16b2ob4ob2o$47b2o19b2obo 2bob2o9b2o43b2o$23b2o6b2o10b2obo2bob2o34b2o43b2o$23b2o6b2o9bo4b2o4bo 41b2o$19b2o6b2o14b2obo2bob2o18b2o6b2o10b2obo2bob2o15b2o6b2o13bo2bo$19b 2o6b2o7b3o8b2o22b2o6b2o9bo4b2o4bo14b2o6b2o12bo4bo$34bo2b2o28b2o6b2o14b 2obo2bob2o11b2o6b2o17bo2bo$34bo3bo28b2o6b2o7b3o8b2o15b2o6b2o$82bo2b2o$ 33bo13bo2bo31bo3bo44b4o$34b2o10bo4bo78bo6bo$47bo2bo30bo13bo2bo28b2ob8o b2o$82b2o10bo4bo26bo2bo8bo2bo$40b2o53bo2bo28b2ob3o2b3ob2o$40b2o84bo3bo 2b2o2bo$88b2o35b2o$47bo2bo37b2o35b2o$46bo4bo74bo3bo2b2o2bo$47bo2bo44bo 2bo28b2ob3o2b3ob2o$94bo4bo26bo2bo8bo2bo$95bo2bo28b2ob3o2b3ob2o$130bo2b 2o2bo! #C [[ WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 480 THUMBNAIL ]]