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An augmented still life is a type of strict still life that is not primitive, but can be derived from a primitive still life (or a constellation of primitive still lifes) by the addition of various components that rely on the "parent" still life for stability. They can be considered the stable analogue of spaceships constructed by the addition of a tagalong to a smaller spaceship.

Two main types can be distinguished on the basis of how the extra part links to the rest of the pattern.

  1. Inducted still lifes: with an extra component — an inductee — that can survive by itself, but requires suppression of birth points. These will typically resemble pseudo still lifes in appearence (in containing multiple islands), though others can more closely resemble ties. An example of the former type is block on table: a block is a (primitive) still life by itself, while a table is not.
  2. Tailed still lifes: with an extra component that requires connection to the parent still life to survive. An example is tub with tail.

Most, if not all still lifes can support more than one extension at a time. A simple example is the ship, which is a tub augmented with two separated corner cells. Similarly, an extra component can depend on two or more primitive still lifes: a simple example is moose antlers, formed from a pseudo still life comprising two copies of eater 1 by the addition of one "nose" cell.