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Eatsplosion is a cellular automaton with the rulestring B2n3-ekqy4c5e/S2-cn3-eky4aij5e. It is named for the evolution of the short table, t-tetromino, and pi heptomino. (this sequence is referred to as pi.) x = 31, y = 2, rule = B2n3-ekqy4c5e/S2-cn3-eky4aij5e bo26b3o$3o25bobo!

Its forum thread can be found here. Its catalogue page can be found here.

Interesting still lives

The block is very common and useful. It can eat gliders: x = 6, y = 6, rule = B2n3-ekqy4c5e/S2-cn3-eky4aij5e bo$2bo$3o2$4b2o$4b2o! or turn a pi into a glider and a pi. x = 7, y = 7, rule = B2n3-ekqy4c5e/S2-cn3-eky4aij5e 2o$2o4$4b3o$4bobo! There is also the "hat with tail with block" (HWTWB), which is a pi eater x = 7, y = 11, rule = B2n3-ekqy4c5e/S2-cn3-eky4aij5e b2o$2bo$b2o4$o5bo$3ob3o$3bo$3o2b2o$o4b2o!





Infinite growth