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Hi! I am a person who you can find on the forums as Moosey. I can be found on Catagolue here: Okay technically here. I found a couple rules, such as Eatsplosion. I mostly mess around with OCA, but you may occasionally find me contribing to CGoL; in my own words, I observed Minstrel 18 and posted it before anyone else did. However, whether I should be credited for that is still up for dispute, since all the parts were provided by Calcyman (Adam P. Goucher). You could, however, say that I “assembled” M18.

My Rules

here. This is a link to a wiki page, don’t worry.

Eatsplosion mini-wiki


Other stuff

Go here for a link quine

My own terms

See Saka’s list, too.


  • Extraordinary sparker: a strong sparker whose spark is also very isolated. This means an orthogonal line could go straight through the spark in some way without running through the rest of the oscillator or through areas bordering the stator. For example, the superfountain.
  • Excellent sparker: Similar to above, but a diagonal line could run through the spark in the same way. Otherwise same. For example, the twin bees shuttle.



  • Irritating: a similar concept to hassling or licking. When an object is hassled, the object which is not the offending object is irritated. (The offending object is the one which is moving into the reaction). In a snacker, the eaters are irritated.
  • Dogpile hassler: A hassling oscillator in which there are no/multiple/unclear offending objects (see definition above). For instance, 35P12.1.