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| {{LinkCatagolue|xs7_1fo|rule=bs23|style=raw}} || {{LinkCatagolue|xs20_db0ggz31pl46|style=raw}} || Ian07
| {{LinkCatagolue|xs7_1fo|rule=bs23|style=raw}} || {{LinkCatagolue|xs20_db0ggz31pl46|style=raw}} || Ian07
| {{LinkCatagolue|xs7_1no|rule=bs23|style=raw}} || {{LinkCatagolue|xs13_1no3123|style=raw}} || Ian07
| {{LinkCatagolue|xs7_1no|rule=bs23|style=raw}} ([[side]]) || {{LinkCatagolue|xs13_1no3123|style=raw}} || Ian07
| {{LinkCatagolue|xs7_1rc|rule=bs23|style=raw}} || {{LinkCatagolue|xs27_g39qj9cz11xc93123|style=raw}} || BlinkerSpawn
| {{LinkCatagolue|xs7_1rc|rule=bs23|style=raw}} || {{LinkCatagolue|xs27_g39qj9cz11xc93123|style=raw}} || BlinkerSpawn

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NOTE: All users are welcome to edit this page if they make any additions/improvements!

This is an attempt to find the smallest possible stabilizations of as many still life islands as possible, as taken from the bs23 census on Catagolue. It is a spin-off of this forum thread. If you find an improvement to one of these, feel free to add them either here or on the thread.

Some islands, such as xs7_jt, are impossible to solve because they contain dead cells with three live neighbors and five dead neighbors all of which are connected to live cells. These are not listed here.

Here is the template to add new rows to the table:

| {{LinkCatagolue|ISLAND APGCODE|rule=bs23|style=raw}} || {{LinkCatagolue|STABILIZED APGCODE|style=raw}} || YOUR NAME
Island apgcode Stabilized apgcode Found by
xs10_354453 (dock) xs14_j1u066z11 Ian07
xs11_311d96 (worm) xs15_69b88czw252 Ian07
xs11_u93z32 (bookend siamese table) xs15_09v0ccz321 Ian07
xs12_255d96 (racetrack) xs16_4aab96z033 Ian07
xs12_3546453 (very long house) xs16_39u08k8z321 Ian07
xs13_178baa4 (anvil) xs17_178baa4zw33 Ian07
xs3_13 (pre-block) xs6_39c Ian07
xs4_27 (T-tetromino) xs16_39s0qmz32 Ian07
xs4_36 xs10_0cp3z32 Ian07
xs6_134c xs12_641j4czx11 Ian07
xs6_13c4 xs17_0cp3c4goz321 Ian07
xs6_13c8 xs22_3pe0o8zw230ejo Ian07
xs6_1bc xs23_03pajk46z622641 Ian07
xs6_1f8 (Z-hexomino) xs18_32138f1c84c Ian07
xs6_23c4 xs12_0ggc93z641 Ian07
xs6_2bc xs22_628chrz3116246 Ian07
xs6_35c (block and glider) xs18_31kmhrzw56 Gustone
xs6_9f (table) xs10_32qr Ian07
xs7_134og xs39_jhe80j9c0qmz65039c0178c BlinkerSpawn
xs7_13ac xs20_178f1c6hr Ian07
xs7_13co xs27_3pe0o8zw638mj871 BlinkerSpawn
xs7_13ko xs20_o80j5og4cz0c93 Ian07
xs7_13s8 xs25_039s0cp3zoje032 Ian07
xs7_13sg xs24_31kmi8czw10qm113 Ian07
xs7_178o xs17_0j9cz230eic Ian07
xs7_17o8 xs27_039cggm453z3116io1 Ian07
xs7_1bs xs26_1784k6iozx19lc226 BlinkerSpawn
xs7_1fo xs20_db0ggz31pl46 Ian07
xs7_1no (side) xs13_1no3123 Ian07
xs7_1rc xs27_g39qj9cz11xc93123 BlinkerSpawn
xs7_1v8 xs20_32138v1oozx32 Ian07
xs7_1vg xs13_641vg4c Ian07
xs7_23ac xs13_j5c4goz11 Ian07
xs7_23co xs21_3pe0oi6zw6jo Ian07
xs7_23ko xs29_c48c93g8ozw6413om226 BlinkerSpawn
xs7_23s8 xs28_06io0e96zg6s16ioz11 Ian07
xs7_25ao xs20_0raacz4a43146 Ian07
xs7_25d2 xs18_6io0ep3z1221 Ian07
xs7_25q8 xs28_g8g39c826z0d8b9czw252 BlinkerSpawn
xs7_278o xs23_06io0e96z320pi6 Ian07
xs7_2bs xs29_c4go2m0drz622cl91 BlinkerSpawn
xs7_2js xs20_64kjaarz3201 Ian07
xs7_2no xs28_0db0ggzc9b9c54cz0252 Ian07
xs7_2rc xs29_o80gg39c826zwdl039czw11 BlinkerSpawn
xs7_2rk xs28_c4go2mk13z62aklc1 Ian07
xs7_32co xs23_628c4j146zw355d Ian07
xs7_32ko xs19_0j9cz320f952 Ian07
xs7_39e (bookend) xs13_39e0db Ian07
xs7_3as xs31_g0bq9j08oz178m45dzw11 BlinkerSpawn
xs7_3do xs26_g0bqh6k46z11mq011 BlinkerSpawn
xs7_3is xs16_gie0dbz146 Ian07
xs7_3qc xs19_0j9czc9303213 Ian07
xs7_3qk xs16_5bo3123z32 Ian07
xs7_4ar xs13_c9jz39c Ian07
xs7_4bq xs21_0c9jzc930ejo Ian07
xs7_4ra xs28_39cg7p4ozc930e91 Ian07
xs7_697 (bun) xs13_69e0mq Ian07
xs7_9v xs14_09v04a4z32 Ian07
xs7_bt xs14_0bt066z32 Ian07
xs7_dr xs10_0drz32 Ian07
xs7_fp xs14_64132qr Ian07
xs7_hv xs21_4a40vh4e0db Ian07
xs8_139e xs23_bd0eiog4czx6426 GUYTU6J
xs8_1788o (cover) xs12_178br Ian07
xs8_1vz11 xs15_c88b9czw33 toroidalet
xs8_259e (wing) xs14_259e0db Ian07
xs8_2d93 xs22_08o0ep3zraip toroidalet
xs8_31da xs27_j9arzqb064koz23 toroidalet
xs8_3aq4 xs31_ghn83aq4goz1wbdx346 toroidalet
xs8_3hu (long hook) xs12_3hu066 GUYTU6J
xs8_3tz11 xs23_c88rbz3122qr GUYTU6J
xs8_69f (cap) xs12_330f96 Ian07
xs8_nqz1 xs20_4s0cp3z110728c GUYTU6J
xs8_vhz1 xs25_cc0vh4e0dbzx146 toroidalet
xs9_6997 (teardrop) xs20_699e0o4czw6511 Ian07
xs9_69is (dove) xs15_69is0qm Ian07
xs9_ehr (house) xs15_bd0ehr Ian07