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EV2's speed notation is based on the number of steps a spaceship moves per n generations, rather than relative to the speed of light.

SpaceshipStandard speed notationEV2 speed notation
lightweight spaceship c/2 or 2c/4 orthogonal (2,0)/4
25P3H1V0 c/3 orthogonal (1,0)/3
loafer c/7 orthogonal (1,0)/7
copperhead c/10 orthogonal (1,0)/10
30P5H2V0 2c/5 orthogonal (2,0)/5
weekender 2c/7 orthogonal (2,0)/7
spaghetti monster 3c/7 orthogonal (3,0)/7
glider c/4 diagonal (1,1)/4
58P5H1V1 c5 diagonal (1,1)/5
2-engine cordership c/12 diagonal (1,1)/12
sir robin (2,1)c/6 (2,1)/6
waterbear (23,5)c/79 (23,5)/79
lightspeed spaceship in B2 c (1,0)/1