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* [[User:Entity Valkyrie 2/L130|L130]]
* [[User:Entity Valkyrie 2/L130|L130]]
* [[User:Entity Valkyrie 2/R49 de Sparta|R49 de Sparta]]
* [[User:Entity Valkyrie 2/R49 de Sparta|R49 de Sparta]]
* [[User:Entity Valkyrie 2/R64_Lx65|R64_Lx65]]
* [[User:Entity Valkyrie 2/Period herschel splitter|Period herschel splitter]]

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"Entity Valkyrie" is a life enthusiast. He started Conway's Game of Life in 2017.

His first account: "Entity Valkyrie (1)", became extinct in March 2019 when he stopped GoL for 6 months for an attack on the pages of Jason's p156 and Rich's p16. His second account (which isn't actually an account, just the current account with the word "Old" before it) started in September 2019. His current account is "Entity Valkyrie 2", which started in late October 2019. All 3 accounts are by the same person who shall be called "Entity Valkyrie" in LifeWiki. He just doesn't use the "Entity Valkyrie 1" and "Old Entity Valkyrie 2" account anymore.

Age: 14

He has had several problems editing pages, like the Bx222 eater removal.

Entity Valkyrie 1 and Old Entity Valkyrie 2 was the "expert" at making pages that are not notable, or making pages for his own discoveries.

Please see this page for some troll spaceships and oscillators.

Patterns discovered by Entity Valkyrie that have a page in the main section of the LifeWiki

User Pages by Entity Valkyrie 1 and Old Entity Valkyrie 2

These pages may not be notable.

New User Sites



Guns by Entity Valkyrie 2


Nonstandard spaceship guns

Miscellaneous (includes Glider and xWSS guns)

Oscillators, Spaceships, Puffers, Rakes






G-to-H and H-to-G

Herschel, B-heptomino and R-pentomino conduits



Terms made up by Entity Valkyrie 1