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This is a dictionary of Life- and CA-related terms, especially pattern names.

You are welcome to:

  • add missing entries;
  • correct/expand existing entries;
  • add new languages.

Please do not:

  • mess up the table;
  • make up terms that aren't already in use just so you can include them here.
English French German Swedish
aircraft carrier porte-avion m
barge barge f
beacon Leuchtfeuer n
beehive ruche f Bienenstock m
bipole Bipole f
blinker clignotant m Blinker m
block bloc m Block m; Quadro ?
boat bateau m Boot n
canoe canoë m
clock Uhr f
clock 2 horloge f
cross croix f
eater 1 hameçon m; mangeur m Fresser m
eater 2 mangeur type 2 m
elevener double hameçon 2 m
flotilla flottille f
fumarole fontaine f
glider planeur m Gleiter m
glider gun Gleiterkanone f; Gleiterquelle f
gun canon m Kanone m
honeycomb Bienenwabe f
HWSS vaisseau de poids lourd m (schwerer) Segler m; großes Raumschiff n
Kok's galaxy galaxie de Kok f
loaf miche de pain f Laib m
LWSS vaisseau de poids léger m (leichter) Segler m; kleines Raumschiff n
MWSS vaisseau de poids moyen m (mittlerer) Segler m; mittleres Raumschiff n
octagon II octogone m Oktagon 2 n
pentadecathlon pentadécathlon m Fünfzehnkämpfer m; Pulsator m
pentoad diagonale f
pond mare f
pulsar Pulsar m
pushalong pousseur m
reflector réflecteur m
replicator réplicateur m
ship navire m Schiff n skepp n
snake serpent m
tagalong suiveur m
toad grenouille f Kröte f
tripole Tripole f
tub tube m
tumbler Tümmler m; Stehaufmännchen n