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'''You see:'''
'''You see:'''
* [http://pentadecathlon.com/objects/object-info.php?objid=96P16.1 Achim's other p16] at Game of Life Object Catalogs
* [http://pentadecathlon.com/objects/object-info.php?objid=96P16.1 Achim's other p16] at Heinrich Koenig's Game of Life Object Catalogs
'''You type:'''
'''You type:'''

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This is a template for including links to Heinrich Koenig's Game of Life Object Catalogs on Pentadecathlon.com in the "External Links" section of an article. It can take three parameters:

  • id, which specifies the ID of the object linked to;
  • patternname, which specifies the name of the pattern as it will appear in the link text (default: object's ID)
  • style, which specifies how to format the link (style=listitem or style=raw; default: listitem)

Here is a simple example of its usage:

You type:

{{LinkPentadecathlonObject|id=96P16.1|patternname=Achim's other p16}}

You see:

You type:


You see:


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