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This is a template for including links to threads and individual posts on the ConwayLife.com forums in the "External Links" section of an article. It can take the following parameters:

  • t, the id number of the thread being linked to (optional, if p is specified);
  • f, the id number of the forum the thread is located in (optional);
  • p, the id number of a specific post to be linked to (optional);
  • title, the title of the thread as it will appear in the link text (mandatory);
  • author, the author of the thread or post (optional)
  • format, the way the resulting link should be formatted (optional):
    • format=ref, format in a way suitable for <ref> ... </ref> tags.
  • date, the date the forum post was posted (optional, if author is specified);

Here are three simple usage examples:

You type:

{{LinkForumThread|t=1452|title=Soup search results}}

You see:

You type:

{{LinkForumThread|p=46748|title=Re: Soup search results}}

You see:

You type:

<ref name="post46748" />

<ref name="post46748">{{LinkForumThread
|f      = 7
|t      = 2036
|p      = 46748
|title  = Re: Thread for basic questions
|format = ref

You see: a footnote link1 at the ref tag location, and a reference section containing

1. Re: Thread for basic questions (discussion thread) at the ConwayLife.com forums

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