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{{#if: {{{discoveryear|}}} | [[Category:Patterns found in {{{discoveryear|}}}]] }} {{#if: {{{discoverer|}}} | [[Category:Patterns found by {{{discoverer|}}}]] }}{{#if:{{{s|}}}|[[Category:Crawlers with speed {{{s|}}}]]|[[Category:Crawlers with unknown speed]]}}{{#if:{{{d|}}}[[Category:Crawlers that travel {{{d|}}}ly]]}}{{#if:{{{v|}}}[[Category:Crawlers that crawl on {{{v|}}}s]]}}
{{#if: {{{discoveryear|}}} | [[Category:Patterns found in {{{discoveryear|}}}]] }} {{#if: {{{discoverer|}}} | [[Category:Patterns found by {{{discoverer|}}}]] }}{{#if:{{{s|}}}|[[Category:Crawlers with speed {{{s|}}}]]|[[Category:Crawlers with unknown speed]]}}{{#if:{{{d|}}}|[[Category:{{{d|}}} crawlers]]}}{{#if:{{{v|}}}|[[Category:{{{v|}}}-crawling crawlers]]}}

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Crawler Name
{{{name}}} image
Pattern type Crawler
Speed Unknown
Direction Unknown
Crawls on Unknown
Bounding box Unknown
Discovered by Unknown
Year of discovery Unknown

This is an infobox template for crawlers. An example can be seen to the right. For general information about how to use pattern templates, see LifeWiki:Style guide/Pattern layout. To see a live example of this template in action, see 17c/45 reaction.

Special parameters

The following parameters are optional and should only be specified if their values are known.

  • s: the speed of the crawler (e.g. p=17c/45).
  • d: the direction of the crawler (e.g. d=orthogonal).
  • v: what the crawler crawls on (e.g. v=blinker).

Pattern templates