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(add edgeshooter=, clearance= parameters; see Talk:NW31.)
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<th> [[Edge shooter]]? </th>
<th> [[Edge shooter]]? </th>
<td> {{#switch: {{{edgeshooter|}}} | yes = Yes | no = No | Unknown }} </td></tr>
<td> {{#switch: {{{edgeshooter|}}} | yes = Yes | no = No | Unknown }} </td></tr>
{{#ifeq: {{edgeshooter}} | yes | <tr>
{{#ifeq: {{{edgeshooter}}} | yes | <tr>
<th> Clearance </th>
<th> Clearance </th>
<td> {{{clearance|}}} </td></tr>
<td> {{{clearance|}}} </td></tr>

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Conduit Name
{{{name}}} image
Pattern type Conduit
Number of cells Unknown
Step Unknown
Recovery time Unknown
Discovered by Unknown
Year of discovery Unknown

This is an infobox template for conduits, e.g. Herschel conduits and converters. An example can be seen to the right. For general information about how to use pattern templates, see LifeWiki:Style guide/Pattern layout. To see a live example of this template in action, see F116 and BFx59H.

Special parameters

The following parameters are optional and should only be specified if their values are known.

  • type: "elementary", "composite" or "converter".
  • conduitfor: pattern moved (e.g. "Herschel").
  • convertsto: output pattern, if different from input pattern (e.g. "B-heptomino").
  • recovery: recovery time (in ticks)
  • spartan: whether the conduit is Spartan (yes/no).
    • Also use "yes" if the conduit can (easily) be made Spartan, e.g. by replacing a snake with an eater.
  • dependent: whether the conduit is a dependent conduit (yes/no).
  • edgeshooter: whether the conduit is an edge shooter (yes/no).
  • clearance: clearance, measured in hd (e.g. "27hd" for the Fx119 inserter); should only be passed for edge shooters (i.e. if edgeshooter=yes).

The following paramaters should only be specified if neither the input pattern nor the output pattern is a spaceship:

  • m: output orientation (one of R, L, B, F, Rx, Lx, Bx, Fx)
    • Rf, Lf, Bf and Ff are accepted as alternatives to Rx, Lx, Bx, Fx, but the latter, which are more in line with current terminology, are preferred.
  • step: time taken to move the pattern (in ticks)
  • dx / dy: output offset.
    • This is measured in reference to the somewhat arbitrarily-defined "centers" of the input/output pattern:
x = 84, y = 21, rule = LifeHistory .3D7.3D6.D2.D7.2D7.3D7.3D8.2D7.D3.D6.2D$.D2.D6.D2.D5.D2.D6.D2.D6.D2.D 6.D2.D6.D2.D6.D3.D5.D2.D$.D2.D6.D2.D5.D2.D6.D9.D2.D6.D2.D6.D2.D6.D3.D 5.D$.3D7.3D6.4D6.D9.D2.D6.D2.D6.D2.D6.D3.D5.D.2D$.D2.D6.D2.D5.D2.D6.D 9.D2.D6.3D7.D2.D6.D.D.D5.D2.D$.D2.D6.D2.D5.D2.D6.D2.D6.D2.D6.D9.D.D7. 2D.2D5.D2.D$.D2.D6.3D6.D2.D7.2D7.3D7.D10.D.D6.D3.D6.2D3$.4B$6B$8B$10B $10B4.2B2.2B40.D$2BD10BD7BD38.2D$2BCD10BD6BDBD7.3D8.2D6.3D8.2D9.2D7.D $B2D7B2.2BCD5BDCDB7.CD7.DCD7.CD8.DCD8.CD7.CD$10B2.B2D8BD6.D.2D6.D2.D 6.3D8.2D8.2D7.3D$13BD8B8.2D8.D.D17.2D9.D$15B.B24.D18.D$5B.B3.B! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ HEIGHT 240 NOGUI ]]
Input/output pattern "center" cells (click above to open LifeViewer)

Pattern templates