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{{Puffer|p=240|s=c/2|dir=Orthogonal|name=Slow puffer 2|pname=slowpuffer2|c=97|bx=22|by=21|discoverer=David Bell|life105=true|life106=true|plaintext=true|rle=true}}
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'''Slow puffer 2''' is a [[puffer]] that was found by [[David Bell]]. It consists of a [[blinker puffer 1]] with a [[blinker fuse]] and two [[middleweight spaceship]]s attached to the back of it to suppress the [[blinker]]s. Its name comes from the fact that it creates debris very slowly, only creating a single [[bi-block]] every 240 [[generation]]s.
==See also==
*[[Slow puffer 1]]
==External links==
*[http://www.radicaleye.com/lifepage/patterns/slopuf2.html Slow puffer 2] at the Life Pattern Catalog

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