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Snowflakes rule
Rulestring 02ae3eijkq4iz5ar6i7e/2ci3ai4c8
Character Chaotic

Snowflakes is a non-totalistic Life-like cellular automaton by users BlinkerSpawn and danny that is omniperiodic. Unlike an actual snowflake, these still lives do not have hexagonal symmetry, nor do they have triangular or dodecagonal symmetry occasionally exhibited by actual snowflakes. It is named by a very common 21 cell still life that has a 2 cell seed:

x=21, y = 9, rule = B2ci3ai4c8/S02ae3eijkq4iz5ar6i7e $4bo$2b5o$2bo3bo$b2obob2o6bobo$2bo3bo$2b5o$4bo!



There are two very important small orthogonal spaceships:

x=10, y = 3, rule = B2ci3ai4c8/S02ae3eijkq4iz5ar6i7e 6bo2bo$obo3b3o$3o4bo!

The G is c/2, the R is 2c/4. There exist G guns for all possible periods, the lowest being 11. The same is true for the R gun, but no guns have ever been found of periods 9 and 10, the former being the lowest period possible.

Next to c/2 orthogonal, known spaceship speeds are 2c/6 orthogonal, 2c/19 orthogonal and 2c/12 diagonal, with the smallest examples being:

x=41, y = 10, rule = B2ci3ai4c8/S02ae3eijkq4iz5ar6i7e 9b6o10b3o10bo$5bo2b5obo10bobo9b3o$3o6bobobobo9b3o12bo$8bob3obo9bo3bo$ 4b3o2bo2b3o22bo2bo$bo6bobo10bo9bo$8b3o10bo4bo4bo$5bo15bo9bo$23bo5bo$ 26bo!

The latter two spaceships have since appeared naturally in C1 soups, and have a synthesis from G's. For all known speeds there are puffers, but only the orthogonal speeds have rakes.

A universal constructor is in the works by Goldtiger997 and several other users, which may lead to a very high-period spaceship, much like Life's universal constructor-based spaceships.

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