OCA:List of common spaceships in HighLife

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This is a list of the most common spaceships in HighLife, specifically Catagolue's B36/S23/C1 census. The patterns in this table beyond row 5 are only approximately ranked, as they all occur very infrequently so it is difficult to generate accurate estimates of their occurrence. The approximate relative frequency column gives an estimate of the proportion of all randomly-occurring spaceships that will be of the given type.

Rank Pattern Period Heat Speed Minimum # of cells Approximate relative frequency (out of 1.00)
1 Glider 4 4 c/4 diagonal 5 0.9963
2 Lightweight spaceship 4 11 2c/4 orthogonal 9 0.002442
3 Bomber 48 ? c6/48 diagonal 19 0.0005962
4 Middleweight spaceship 4 15 2c/4 orthogonal 11 0.0005886
5 Heavyweight spaceship 4 19 2c/4 orthogonal 13 0.00006536

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