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DryLife rule
Rulestring 23/37
Character Exploding

DryLife is a Life-like cellular automaton in which cells survive from one generation to the next if they have 2 or 3 neighbours, and are born if they have 3 or 7 neighbours.


DryLife is so named because the standard spaceships, lightweight spaceship, middleweight spaceship, and heavyweight spaceship, do not work. The glider does. Some other spaceships, such as the weekender and loafer, work in this rule. The copperhead evolves into the closely related c/10 goldenhead, differing from copperhead by two cells in one phase.

Two correctly spaced B-heptominoes act as a c/2 orthogonal puffer.

A new speed allowed by DryLife is 9c/28 orthogonal. Technology travelling at this speed relies on the R-pentomino. There is a small 9c/28 orthogonal pond puffer, and a 9c/28 spaceship. Guns and breeders have been constructed that fire spaceships and rakes of this speed respectively.