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'''Nonomino switch engine predecessor''' is the unique nonomino (a [[polyomino]] having 9 cells) whose evolution results in a [[switch engine]].  It is the smallest polyomino to do so.
#REDIRECT [[Switch engine#History]]
Charles Corderman may have found this object in [[:Category:Patterns found in 1971|1971]] while exhaustively investigating the [[fate]] of all the small polyominoes. Records indicate that he found the switch engine while investigating the decominoes (polyominoes having 10 cells). However, there do not appear to be decominoes which result in a clean switch engine. If Corderman was examining polyominoes in order of size, then this smaller predecessor should have been found first in any case.
|pname        = nonominoswitchenginepredecessor
|position    = center
|viewerconfig = #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 Z 20 HEIGHT 480 GPS 1 AUTOSTART PAUSE 2 T 2 PAUSE 2 LOOP 3 ]]
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