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Welcome to LifeWiki,
the wiki for Conway's Game of Life.
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This week's featured article

The spaghetti monster (or 702P7H3V0) is a 3c/7 orthogonal spaceship discovered by Tim Coe on 11 June 2016, the first spaceship of that speed to be discovered; it is also currently the smallest. Matthias Merzenich swiftly discovered that it could also support a p28 3c/7 wave found by Stephen Silver on February 2, 2000. Despite its size, it is considered an elementary spaceship.

In the news

  • October 16: Andrew Trevorrow makes available the first beta builds for Golly 4.0, supporting Python 3.x and new rule types and neighborhoods, and enabling multi-color "Super" and "History" support for a wide range of two-state rules.
  • September 27: A burloaferimeter variant appears in an asymmetric soup found by Rob Liston, making it the first natural period-7 oscillator.
  • September 26: Pavel Grankovskiy completes Speed Demonoid version 2, removing the 2c/9 limitation; a Golly script can now build a spaceship with any rational diagonal speed below c/4 (subject to some practical size limitations).

Pattern collection

The LifeWiki contains one of the most comprehensive catalogues of patterns available on the internet. Within it you will find:
Download.gif Download pattern collection
2 MB .zip archive containing the 1500+ RLE pattern files used on the wiki

Did you know...

  • ... that it is known that no Garden of Eden patterns exist that are 1, 2, or 3 cells high, but that it is currently an open question whether a 4-cell-high GoE can be constructed?
  • ... that 6-cell-high Garden of Eden patterns were constructed as far back as 1973, but 5-cell-high GoEs were unknown until Steven Eker found some in 2016?
  • ... that in 2016, patterns were found that have great-great-grandparents but no great-great-great-grandparents?
  • ... that no way is known for a 3×3 pattern to be tiled into an M×N rectangle to produce a Garden of Eden, but that there are 4×3, 4×4 and larger tiles that can be repeated in this way to produce GoEs?
  • ... that there are spaceship stabilizations of agars?
  • ... that block is the only known finite strict still life where each living cell has exactly 3 neighbours?
  • ... that all strict still lifes up to and including 14 cells have been found by apgsearch in asymmetrical 16×16 soups?
  • ... that c/2 orthogonal and c/4 diagonal were the only speeds of spaceships seen to emerge from asymmetric soups on Catagolue until 2020, when a loafer appeared naturally?
  • ... that all currently known standard Herschel conduits produce the same Herschel great-grandfather pattern, except for Fx158?
  • ... that eater 1 is the smallest asymmetric still life?          
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