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The first test of the Smallest Spaceships Supporting Specific Speeds Project, any entries submitted must be oriented so that the ship heads South-east for diagonal, East for orthogonal, and between the two for oblique ships. Ships also must be in the minimum phase, the phase where it has the least population. If you think you have found a new ship, and want to submit, please check your ship against this list, and if it has a smaller minimum phase, replace the old ship with the new, following the same format.

All possible speeds of periods 1, 2, and 3 have been documented, with all speeds of period 1 having an optimal amount of cells (3).

All speeds of the form c/n are known due to the rules B2c3ae4ai56c/S2-kn3-enq4 and/or B2ci3aer4ai5-c6c/S2-kn3-cenq4-k5eiy6c for c/even speeds and B2c3aj4nrt5i6c78/S1c23enr4aet5-iq67 for c/odd speeds.

All speeds of the form nc/1 are known due to a trick detailed here.