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This is where news for the main page is written, whether it be about Conway's Game of Life or this website. If you would like to write news for the main page, simply create a header on the top of the page just underneath this description. Others may come behind you to clean it up, and an administrator may feature it on the main page once if it is deemed important.

Currently Featured News

 600 pattern milestone — June 19th, 2009

LifeWiki is now home to a grand total of 600 patterns and over 750 articles. Exciting new additions to the wiki include weekly featured articles on the front page (as well as trivia snippets), rules boxes on pattern pages that describe what rules that particular pattern functions under, a much more complete list of the smallest known oscillators of each period, our first few articles about reflectors and recent reflector developments (see the rectifier), and several more pages detailing the accomplishments of specific Life enthusiasts. As always, thanks to all of our contributors!

 500 pattern milestone — April 26th, 2009

Over 500 patterns are now catalogued in LifeWiki, and there are over 600 articles total. Some of the most notable recent additions to the database include the addition of glider syntheses in the infoboxes of patterns, greatly expanded information about first-discovered and smallest known spaceships and oscillators of specific speeds and periods, expanded articles about other Life-like cellular automata (such as 2x2, HighLife, and Move), and the first few pages to describe the accomplishments of specific Life enthusiasts (see Noam Elkies for an example). Thanks to all of our contributors!

Proposed News

What about Gemini? It's the first oblique spaceship ever. Discovered... when?

Archived News

 400 pattern milestone — March 13th, 2009

LifeWiki is now home to over 400 patterns. Some of the more notable additions since the last milestone include a searchable interface for oscillators, and animated images for all oscillators and spaceships. With a solid base catalogue of patterns now established, one of the main goals for LifeWiki will now be to catalogue more recent discoveries.

 300 pattern milestone — February 6th, 2009

It hasn't even been a month since its launch and LifeWiki has doubled the number of patterns, articles, and images that it contains. In particular, with these new additions LifeWiki now catalogues 132 still lifes; far more than any other source on the web. Thanks go out to Elithrion who has helped us increase the number of animated images available to 74, which is more than double the number that were available a week ago.

 200 pattern milestone — January 27th, 2009

LifeWiki today passed its first notable milestone - it now catalogues over 200 patterns (201 as of this writing). In addition, there are now 263 images, and many of the non-pattern pages have been expanded considerably (see, for example, still life and methuselah).

 LifeWiki goes live — January 16th, 2009

After several weeks in development, the LifeWiki has gone live. It is making its debut with 138 patterns, 162 articles and 175 images, but this will hopefully be expanded greatly in the near future. If you consider yourself a Life enthusiast, please consider helping expand the wiki by adding or expanding articles.