Familiar fours

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The familiar fours are common constellations of four identical objects. The five most common (in decreasing order of frequency) are traffic light (four blinkers), honey farm (four beehives), blockade (four blocks), fleet (four ships in the form of two ship-ties), and bakery (four loaves in the form of two half-bakeries). Four skewed blocks is also occasionally included in the list.

Other "less familiar fours" include the land of lakes (four ponds in the form of two bi-ponds) and four eaters (four eater 1s) found in Dean Hickerson's Life integer constructions,[1] but these do not have common enough random-ash predecessors to be counted as familiar fours.

Traffic light
RLE: here
Honey farm
RLE: here
RLE: here
RLE: here
RLE: here


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