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122P23 image
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 122
Bounding box 33×26
Period 23
Mod 23
Heat 34.6
Volatility 0.71
Strict volatility 0.71
Discovered by Luka Okanishi
Year of discovery 2019
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122P23 was the first period-23 oscillator to be discovered. It was found by Luka Okanishi on November 24, 2019.[1] It consists of two copies of an engine, itself consisting of a B-heptomino being hassled by two unusual catalysts and a block, supported by a known period-agnostic beehive shuttle mechanism (seen in, for example, an extension of the carnival shuttle). There are several isomers known (including trans- versions and different phase offsets), with the one pictured having minimum population and bounding box.


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