CC semi-Snark

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CC semi-Snark
CC semi-Snark image
Pattern type Stable reflector
Number of cells 31
Bounding box 19×19
Angle 90°
Repeat time 51
Period multiplier
Colour Colour-changing
Discovered by Sergei Petrov
Year of discovery 2013

The colour-changing (CC) semi-Snark is a small 90-degree colour-changing glider reflector requiring two input gliders on the same lane for each output glider. It was discovered by Sergei Petrov on 1 July 2013, using a custom-written search utility. It functions as a very compact period doubler in some signal circuitry, for example the linear propagator. The semi-Snark can period-double a regular glider stream of period 51 or more, or an intermittent stream with two gliders every 67 ticks or more, since the block reset glider can be sent just 16 ticks before its partner.

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