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*[[:Category:speeds|List of important speeds]]
*[[:Category:speeds|List of important speeds]]
*[[:Category:Spaceships with speed c/6|List of spaceships with speed c/6]]

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c/6 diagonal
Spaceship Yes
Puffer No
Rake No
Wickstretcher No
Gun No

c/6 diagonal is a diagonal speed that is equivalent to one sixth of the speed of light.


On September 17, 2005 Nicolay Beluchenko discovered the first c/6 diagonal spaceship, seal. Beluchenko then discovered a tagalong for this spaceship on September 22, 2005.[1] The first spaceship of this speed to be discovered not based on seal, 77P6H1V1, was discovered in March 2011 by Josh Ball and is currently the smallest known spaceship of this speed.


No c/6 diagonal puffer technology is currently known.

See also


  1. Jason Summers' jslife pattern collection.

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