Buckingham's p13

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Buckingham's p13
Buckingham's p13 image
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 65
Bounding box 25×15
Period 13
Mod 13
Heat 10.2
Volatility 0.50
Strict volatility 0.50
Discovered by David Buckingham
Year of discovery 1976

Buckingham's p13 is a period 13 oscillator. It was the first period 13 oscillator to be found, and was discovered by David Buckingham on July 31, 1976.[1] It features two eater 2s used to stabilize another object between them (which is a predecessor of 2 loafs and a bi-boat).

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  1. DRH-oscillators.rle -- Dean Hickerson's oscillator collection header

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