8-bit programmable computer

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8-bit programmable computer
8-bit programmable computer image
Pattern type Miscellaneous
Number of cells 1,571,767
Bounding box 311,607×303,995
Discovered by Nicolas Loizeau
Year of discovery 2016

8-bit programmable computer is an implementation of an 8-bit computer in Conway's Game of Life designed and built in 2016 by Nicolas Loizeau.[1]


The computer supports eight variables and 13 instructions -- write, goto, move, jumpif, print, add, or, and, xor, not, flat, sign, and increment. The computer is programmed by changing the arrangement of structures in its Program area.

Comparison with other computer patterns

  • The 8-bit programmable computer is considerably simpler than the Spartan universal computer-constructor, in large part because it does not contain a universal-construction component.
  • It is easy to program with the help of the associated Python utility script, assembly.py.
  • It is capable of performing standard 8-bit AND, OR, XOR, and NOT operations using any of its eight variables.


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