LifeWiki Pattern Archive – Complete List

[?]10-engine CordershipSpaceship
[?]112P51 extendedOscillator
1-2-3-4 (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]26-cell quadratic growthMiscellaneous
[?]2 fumarolesOscillator
[?]2x2 10-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]2x2 2-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]2x2 3-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]2x2 4-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]2x2 5-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]2x2 6-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]2x2 7-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]2x2 8-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]2x2 9-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]2x2 block oscillatorsOther rule
[?]2x2 gliderOther rule
[?]2x2 oscillatorsOther rule
[?]2x2 period 2 oscillatorsOther rule
[?]2x2 still lifesOther rule
[?]3-engine CordershipSpaceship
[?]3-engine Cordership eaterSpaceship
[?]3-engine Cordership gunGun
[?]3-engine Cordership LWSS reflectionSpaceship
[?]3-engine Cordership rakePuffer
3-engine Cordership (glider synthesis)Puffer
[?]45 hivenudgersSpaceship
[?]4 boatsOscillator
[?]4-engine CordershipSpaceship
[?]4-engine Cordership v2Spaceship
[?]5-engine CordershipSpaceship
[?]60P5H2V0 eaterMiscellaneous
60P5H2V0 (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
[?]6-engine CordershipSpaceship
[?]6-engine Cordership gunGun
[?]6-engine Cordership v2Spaceship
6-engine Cordership (glider synthesis)Spaceship
[?]7-engine CordershipSpaceship
[?]7-engine Cordership reflectionsSpaceship
[?]7-in-a-row CordershipSpaceship
[?]7-in-a-row Cordership eaterSpaceship
7-in-a-row Cordership (glider synthesis)Spaceship
[?]Achim's p144Oscillator
Achim's p144 (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Achim's p16Oscillator
Achim's p16 (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Achim's p4Oscillator
Achim's p4 (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Achim's p8Oscillator
Acorn (glider synthesis)Methuselah
[?]A for allOscillator
A for all (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Aircraft carrierStill life
Aircraft carrier (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]AK47 reactionMiscellaneous
[?]Almost knightshipMiscellaneous
[?]Asymmetric pre-pulsar spaceshipSpaceship
[?]B3578/S238 replicatorOther rule
[?]B-52 bomberGun
[?]Babbling brook 1Oscillator
[?]Backrake 1Puffer
[?]Backrake 2Puffer
[?]Backrake 3Puffer
[?]Backward space rakePuffer
[?]Baker's dozenOscillator
[?]BakeryStill life
Bakery (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]BargeStill life
[?]Barge 2 (extended)Spaceship
[?]Barge 2 (spaceship)Spaceship
[?]Barge (extended)Spaceship
[?]Barge (spaceship)Spaceship
Barge (glider synthesis)Spaceship
[?]Beacon and two tailsOscillator
Beacon and two tails (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Beacon makerWick
[?]Beacon on 38P11.1Oscillator
Beacon (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Bee hatStill life
[?]BeehiveStill life
[?]Beehive and capStill life
[?]Beehive and dockStill life
[?]Beehive and tableStill life
[?]Beehive at beehiveStill life
Beehive at beehive (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Beehive at loafStill life
Beehive at loaf (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Beehive bend tailStill life
[?]Beehive fuseWick
[?]Beehive with nineStill life
[?]Beehive with tailStill life
Beehive with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
Beehive (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Bent keysOscillator
B-heptomino (glider synthesis)Methuselah
[?]Bi-blockStill life
Bi-block (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Bi-capStill life
Bi-cap (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Big gliderSpaceship
[?]Big SStill life
Big S (glider synthesis)Still life
Bi-gun (glider synthesis)Gun
[?]Bi-loaf 1Still life
Bi-loaf 1 (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Bi-loaf 2Still life
Bi-loaf 2 (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Bi-loaf 3Miscellaneous
[?]Bipole bridge pseudo-barberpoleOscillator
Bipole (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Bi-pondStill life
Bi-pond (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Biting off more than they can chewOscillator
[?]Biting off more than they can chew extendedOscillator
Biting off more than they can chew (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Blinker fuseWick
[?]Blinker fuse 2Wick
[?]Blinker fuse 3Wick
[?]Blinker fuse (6c/13)Wick
Blinker fuse (glider synthesis)Wick
[?]Blinker puffer 1Puffer
Blinker puffer 1 (glider synthesis)Puffer
[?]Blinker puffer 2Puffer
[?]Blinkers bit poleOscillator
[?]Blinker ship 1Miscellaneous
Blinker (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
[?]BlockStill life
[?]BlockadeStill life
Blockade (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Block and capStill life
Block and cap (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Block and dockStill life
Block and dock (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Block and gliderMethuselah
[?]Block and two tailsStill life
Blocker (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Block-laying switch enginePuffer
[?]Block-laying switch engine predecessorPuffer
Block-laying switch engine (glider synthesis)Puffer
[?]Block on boatStill life
Block on boat (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Block on tableStill life
Block on table (glider synthesis)Still life
Block (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
[?]BoatStill life
[?]Boat makerWick
[?]Boat on spark coilOscillator
[?]Boat-ship-tieStill life
Boat-ship-tie (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Boatstretcher 1Miscellaneous
[?]Boat-tieStill life
Boat-tie (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Boat with long tailStill life
Boat with long tail (glider synthesis)Still life
Boat (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Boojum reflectorMiscellaneous
[?]BookendsStill life
Bookends (glider synthesis)Still life
Bookend (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
Buckaroo (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Bullet heptominoMiscellaneous
[?]Bunnies 10Methuselah
[?]Bunnies 11Methuselah
[?]Bunnies 9Methuselah
Bunnies (glider synthesis)Methuselah
Burloaferimeter (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Butterfly (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
[?]By flopsOscillator
By flops (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]c/4 diagonal spaceshipsSpaceship
[?]c/4 orthogonal spaceshipsSpaceship
[?]Caber tosser 1Miscellaneous
[?]Canada gooseSpaceship
[?]CanoeStill life
Canoe (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Carnival shuttleOscillator
[?]Carrier siamese carrierStill life
Carrier siamese carrier (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Carrier siamese snakeStill life
Carrier siamese snake (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Caterer on figure eightOscillator
Caterer (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Cauldron (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Centinal (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Champage glassOscillator
[?]Cheshire catMiscellaneous
[?]Chicken wireMiscellaneous
[?]Cis-barge with tailStill life
Cis-barge with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
Cis-beacon and cap (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Cis-beacon and dockOscillator
Cis-beacon and table (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Cis-beacon up and long hookOscillator
[?]Cis-block and long hookStill life
[?]Cis-boat and dockStill life
Cis-boat and dock (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Cis-boat and tableStill life
Cis-boat and table (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Cis-boat with tailStill life
Cis-boat with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Cis-fuse with two tailsStill life
Cis-fuse with two tails (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Cis-hook and R-beeStill life
[?]Cis-hook with tailStill life
Cis-hook with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Cis-loaf with tailStill life
Cis-loaf with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Cis-mirrored R-beeStill life
Cis-mirrored R-bee (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Cis-R-bee and R-loafStill life
[?]Cis-rotated R-beeStill life
[?]Cis-shillelaghStill life
Cis-shillelagh (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Claw with tailStill life
Claw with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Clock 2Oscillator
Clock (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Coe shipSpaceship
Coe ship (glider synthesis)Spaceship
[?]Coe's p8Oscillator
[?]Conduit 1Miscellaneous
[?]Confused eatersOscillator
Confused eaters (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Cord pullerMiscellaneous
[?]Crab tubstretcherMiscellaneous
[?]Cross 2Oscillator
Crown (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Cuphook (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Dead spark coilStill life
Dead spark coil (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Deep cellMiscellaneous
[?]Diamond ringOscillator
[?]Die hardMethuselah
[?]Dinner tableOscillator
[?]Double catererOscillator
[?]Double eweOscillator
[?]Double XOscillator
[?]Dragon flotillaeWick
[?]Eater 1Still life
[?]Eater 1 reactionsMiscellaneous
[?]Eater 1 with blinkerMiscellaneous
[?]Eater 1 with gliderMiscellaneous
[?]Eater 1 with loafMiscellaneous
[?]Eater 1 with pre-beehiveMiscellaneous
Eater 1 (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Eater 2Still life
[?]Eater 3Still life
[?]Eater 4Still life
[?]Eater 5Still life
[?]Eater/block frobOscillator
[?]Eater on boatStill life
Eater on boat (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Eater plugOscillator
Eater plug (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Eater siamese eaterStill life
[?]Eater stamp collectionMiscellaneous
[?]Edge repair HerschelSpaceship
[?]Edge-repair spaceship 1Spaceship
[?]Edge-repair spaceship 2Spaceship
[?]Electric fenceOscillator
[?]ElevenerStill life
Elevener (glider synthesis)Still life
Eleven loop (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Elkies' p5Oscillator
Elkies' p5 (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]En retardOscillator
[?]Extra extra long snakeStill life
Extra extra long snake (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Extra long snakeStill life
Extra long snake (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Extremely impressiveOscillator
[?]Fast forward force fieldMiscellaneous
[?]Figure eightOscillator
Figure eight (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]FleetStill life
Fleet (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Fore and backOscillator
Four boats (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]FourteenerStill life
Fox (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]French kissOscillator
[?]Frog IIOscillator
Fumarole (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Garden of Eden 1Miscellaneous
[?]Garden of Eden 2Miscellaneous
[?]Garden of Eden 3Miscellaneous
[?]Garden of Eden 4Miscellaneous
Glasses (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Glider duplicator 1Miscellaneous
[?]Glider loopMiscellaneous
[?]Glider-producing switch enginePuffer
[?]Glider-producing switch engine predecessorPuffer
Glider-producing switch engine (glider synthesis)Puffer
[?]Gliders by the dozenMethuselah
Gliders by the dozen (glider synthesis)Methuselah
Glider (glider synthesis)Spaceship
[?]Gosper glider gunGun
[?]Gosper glider gun (glider destruction)Gun
Gosper glider gun (glider synthesis)Gun
[?]Gotts dotsMiscellaneous
[?]Gray counterOscillator
Gray counter (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Great on-offOscillator
Great on off (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Griddle and blockOscillator
[?]Gunstar 2Gun
[?]Gunstar 216Gun
[?]Halfmax v2Miscellaneous
[?]Halfmax v3Miscellaneous
Harbor (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]HatStill life
Hat (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Heavyweight emulatorOscillator
Heavyweight emulator (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Heavyweight volcanoOscillator
Heptapole (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Herschel grandparentMiscellaneous
[?]Herschel parentMiscellaneous
[?]Herschel receiverMiscellaneous
[?]Herschel transmitter (stable)Miscellaneous
[?]Hertz oscillatorOscillator
Hertz oscillator (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Hexapole (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]HighLife 10-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]HighLife 11-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]HighLife 12-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]HighLife 13-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]HighLife 4-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]HighLife 5-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]HighLife 6-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]HighLife 7-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]HighLife 8-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]HighLife 9-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]Hive makerWick
[?]Hivenudger 2Puffer
Hivenudger (glider synthesis)Spaceship
[?]HoneycombStill life
Honeycomb (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Honey farmStill life
Honey farm (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Hook with tailStill life
House (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
[?]Hustler IIOscillator
Hustler II (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Hustler (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Heavyweight spaceshipSpaceship
[?]HWSS blinker fuseWick
Heavyweight spaceship (glider synthesis)Wick
[?]Infinite glider hotelMiscellaneous
[?]Infinite glider hotel 2Miscellaneous
[?]Infinite glider hotel 3Miscellaneous
[?]Infinite LWSS hotelMiscellaneous
[?]Inline inverterMiscellaneous
[?]Integral signStill life
Integral sign (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Integral with hookStill life
Integral with hook (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Integral with tubStill life
Integral with tub (glider synthesis)Still life
Interchange (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Jack (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Jam on 34P13.1Oscillator
[?]Jam on 44P7.2Oscillator
Jam (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Jason's bowOther rule
[?]JellyfishOther rule
[?]Jolson (period 9)Oscillator
Jolson (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Killer candlefrobrasOscillator
[?]Killer toadsOscillator
Kok's galaxy (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Lake 2Still life
[?]Light bulbOscillator
Light bulb (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Lightweight emulatorOscillator
[?]Loading dockOscillator
[?]LoafStill life
[?]Loaf siamese bargeStill life
Loaf siamese barge (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Loaf siamese loafStill life
Loaf siamese loaf (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Loaf tractor beamMiscellaneous
Loaf (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long bargeStill life
Long barge (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long boatStill life
Long boat (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long canoeStill life
Long canoe (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long hookMiscellaneous
[?]Long hook with tailStill life
Long hook with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long integralStill life
Long integral (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long long bargeStill life
Long long barge (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long long boatStill life
Long long boat (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long long canoeStill life
Long long canoe (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long long hook with tailStill life
Long long hook with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long long shillelaghStill life
Long long shillelagh (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long long shipStill life
Long long ship (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long long snakeStill life
Long long snake (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long shillelaghStill life
Long shillelagh (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long shipStill life
Long ship (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Long snakeStill life
Long snake (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]LoopStill life
Loop (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Lightweight spaceshipSpaceship
Lightweight spaceship (glider synthesis)Spaceship
[?]MangoStill life
Mango (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Maze 2-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]Maze 3-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]Maze 4-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]Maze 5-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]Maze 6-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]Maze 7-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]Maze 8-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]Maze 9-cell still lifesOther rule
[?]Maze period 2Other rule
[?]Maze still lifesOther rule
[?]Maze wickstretcherOther rule
Mazing (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Mickey MouseStill life
[?]Middleweight emulatorOscillator
Middleweight emulator (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Middleweight volcanoOscillator
[?]Mini pressure cookerOscillator
[?]Mirrored dockStill life
Mirrored dock (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Mold and long hook eating tubOscillator
[?]Mold on fumaroleOscillator
Mold (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Monogram (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Moose antlersStill life
Moose antlers (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Mosquito 5Miscellaneous
[?]Move pufferOther rule
[?]Move still lifesOther rule
[?]Moving sawtoothMiscellaneous
[?]Multum in parvoMethuselah
[?]Muttering moat 1Oscillator
[?]Middleweight spaceshipSpaceship
Middleweight spaceship (glider synthesis)Spaceship
[?]New fiveOscillator
[?]New gun 1Gun
[?]New gun 2Gun
[?]Noah's arkPuffer
Noah's ark (glider synthesis)Puffer
[?]Non-monotonic spaceship 1Spaceship
[?]Octagon 2Oscillator
Octagon 2 (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Odd keysOscillator
[?]Odd test tube babyOscillator
[?]One per generationMiscellaneous
[?]Orion 2Spaceship
[?]Ortho-loaf and tableStill life
[?]OTCA metapixelMiscellaneous
[?]OTCA metapixel (off)Miscellaneous
[?]Overweight spaceshipMiscellaneous
[?]P416 60P5H2V0 gunGun
[?]p54 shuttleOscillator
[?]p5760 unit Life cellMiscellaneous
[?]P690 60P5H2V0 gunGun
[?]PaperclipStill life
Paperclip (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Parabolic sawtoothMiscellaneous
[?]Penny laneOscillator
Pentadecathlon (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Pentapole (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Pentoad (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Period 11 - 14 oscillatorsOscillator
[?]Period 2 oscillatorsOscillator
[?]Period 3 oscillatorsOscillator
[?]Period 4 oscillatorsOscillator
[?]Period 5 oscillatorsOscillator
[?]Period 6 oscillatorsOscillator
[?]Period 7 and 8 oscillatorsOscillator
[?]Period 8 eater 3Oscillator
[?]Period 9 and 10 oscillatorsOscillator
[?]Phoenix 1Oscillator
Phoenix 1 (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Pi-heptomino (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
Pincers (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
[?]Pi orbitalOscillator
[?]Pipsquirter 1Oscillator
[?]Pipsquirter 2Oscillator
[?]Pipsquirter 2 reflectorMiscellaneous
[?]PondStill life
[?]Pond on pondStill life
Pond on pond (glider synthesis)Still life
Pond (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Pre-pulsar predecessorMiscellaneous
[?]Pre-pulsar shuttle 29Oscillator
[?]Pre-pulsar shuttle 29 v2Oscillator
[?]Pre-pulsar shuttle 29 v3Oscillator
[?]Pre-pulsar shuttle 47Oscillator
[?]Pre-pulsar shuttle 47 v2Oscillator
[?]Pre-pulsar spaceshipSpaceship
[?]Pressure cookerOscillator
Pressure cooker (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Pseudo-barberpole (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Puffer 1Puffer
[?]Puffer 2Puffer
Puffer 2 (glider synthesis)Puffer
[?]Pulsar quadrantOscillator
Pulsar quadrant (glider synthesis)Oscillator
Pulsar (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Pushalong 1Spaceship
Quadpole (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Quad pseudo still lifeStill life
Quad (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Queen beeMiscellaneous
[?]Queen bee loopOscillator
[?]Queen bee shuttleOscillator
Queen bee shuttle (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Queen bee turnerOscillator
[?]Queen bee turning reaction 1Miscellaneous
Queen bee (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
Rabbits (glider synthesis)Methuselah
$rats (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]R-bee and snakeStill life
[?]ReplicatorOther rule
[?]Replicator predecessorOther rule
[?]Ring of fireOscillator
R-pentomino (glider synthesis)Methuselah
[?]Rumbling river 1Oscillator
[?]Sawtooth 1Miscellaneous
[?]Sawtooth 1163Miscellaneous
[?]Sawtooth 1846Miscellaneous
[?]Sawtooth 262Miscellaneous
[?]Sawtooth 269Miscellaneous
[?]Sawtooth 362Miscellaneous
[?]Sawtooth 562Miscellaneous
[?]Sawtooth 633Miscellaneous
[?]Schick engineSpaceship
Schick engine (glider synthesis)Spaceship
[?]ScorpionStill life
[?]SesquihatStill life
[?]ShillelaghStill life
Shillelagh (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]ShipStill life
[?]Ship in a bottleOscillator
[?]Ship makerWick
[?]Ship on long boatStill life
[?]Ship on quadpoleOscillator
[?]Ship-tieStill life
Ship-tie (glider synthesis)Still life
Ship (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Short keysOscillator
[?]Sidecar eaterMiscellaneous
[?]Sidecar gunGun
Sidecar (glider synthesis)Gun
[?]SidewalkStill life
Sidewalk (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Silver's p5Oscillator
[?]Six LsOscillator
[?]Skewed quadOscillator
Skewed quad (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Skewed traffic lightOscillator
[?]Slow puffer 1Puffer
[?]Slow puffer 2Puffer
[?]Small lakeStill life
Small lake (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Small still lifesStill life
Smiley (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Snacker 2Oscillator
Snacker (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]SnakeStill life
[?]Snake bridge snakeStill life
[?]Snake danceOscillator
[?]Snake pitOscillator
[?]Snake pit 2Oscillator
Snake pit 2 (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Snake siamese snakeStill life
Snake siamese snake (glider synthesis)Still life
Snake (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Snorkel loopStill life
[?]Spacefiller 1Miscellaneous
[?]Space rakePuffer
[?]Spark coilOscillator
Spark coil (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]SpiralStill life
[?]Symmetric pre-pulsar spaceshipSpaceship
[?]Stairstep hexominoMiscellaneous
[?]Star gateMiscellaneous
[?]Star gate with lightweight spaceshipsMiscellaneous
[?]Star with blocksOscillator
[?]Still lifesStill life
[?]Still life tagalongSpaceship
[?]Switch engineMethuselah
[?]Symmetric scorpionStill life
[?]Table on tableStill life
Table on table (glider synthesis)Still life
Teardrop (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
[?]Test tube babyOscillator
Test tube baby (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Thumb 1Oscillator
[?]Thumb 2Oscillator
Thunderbird (glider synthesis)Methuselah
[?]Time bombWick
[?]Titanic toroidal travelerMiscellaneous
[?]T-nosed p4Oscillator
[?]T-nosed p6Oscillator
[?]Toad flipperOscillator
[?]Toad suckerOscillator
Toad (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Total aperiodicMiscellaneous
[?]Total periodicMiscellaneous
[?]Traffic circleOscillator
[?]Traffic jamMiscellaneous
[?]Traffic lightOscillator
Traffic light (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Trans-barge with tailStill life
Trans-barge with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Trans-beacon and capOscillator
Trans-beacon and cap (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Trans-beacon and dockOscillator
[?]Trans-beacon and tableOscillator
Trans-beacon and table (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Trans-block and long hookStill life
[?]Trans-boat and dockStill life
[?]Trans-boat with nineStill life
Trans-boat with nine (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Trans-boat with tailStill life
Trans-boat with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Trans-fuse with two tailsStill life
Trans-fuse with two tails (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Trans-hook and R-beeStill life
[?]Trans-loaf with tailStill life
Trans-loaf with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Trans-mirrored R-beeStill life
Trans-mirrored R-bee (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Transparent block reactionMiscellaneous
[?]Trans-queen bee shuttleOscillator
[?]Trans-R-bee and R-loafStill life
[?]Trans-rotated R-beeStill life
[?]Trice tongsOscillator
Trice tongs (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Triple catererOscillator
[?]Triple pseudo still lifeStill life
Tripole (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]True period 22 gunGun
[?]TubStill life
[?]Tub test tube babyOscillator
[?]Tub with long long tailStill life
Tub with long long tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Tub with long tailStill life
Tub with long tail (glider synthesis)Still life
[?]Tub with tailStill life
Tub with tail (glider synthesis)Still life
Tub (glider synthesis)Still life
Tumbler (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Tumbling T-tetsonOscillator
[?]Turing machineMiscellaneous
[?]Turning toadsWick
[?]Twin bees shuttleOscillator
[?]Twin bees shuttle v2Miscellaneous
Twin bees shuttle (glider synthesis)Miscellaneous
[?]Twin hatStill life
[?]Twirling T-tetsons 2Oscillator
[?]Two eatersOscillator
Two eaters (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Two-glider messMethuselah
Two-glider mess (glider synthesis)Methuselah
[?]Two-glider synthesesMiscellaneous
[?]Two pre-L hasslersOscillator
[?]Two pulsar quadrantsOscillator
Unicycle (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Unidimensional four glidersMiscellaneous
[?]Unidimensional infinite growthMiscellaneous
[?]Unidimensional nothingMiscellaneous
[?]Unidimensional pentadecathlonMiscellaneous
[?]Unidimensional six glidersMiscellaneous
[?]Unidimensional tumblerMiscellaneous
Unix (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Vacuum (gun)Gun
[?]Vacuum (gun) pullingGun
[?]Venetian blindsMiscellaneous
[?]Very long houseMiscellaneous
[?]V gunGun
[?]Washing machineOscillator
Washing machine (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Waveguide 1Miscellaneous
[?]Weekender tagalongSpaceship
[?]Why notOscillator
Why not (glider synthesis)Oscillator
[?]Wickstretcher 1Miscellaneous
[?]Wing extendedSpaceship
[?]Wing (spaceship)Spaceship
[?]Worker beeOscillator
Worker bee (glider synthesis)Oscillator