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Re: Triviality Tester

Post by A for awesome » August 15th, 2017, 11:26 am

Rhombic wrote:
A for awesome wrote:Okay, here's something problematic I found with my test 4 prototype:

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To account for extra non-totalistic functionality... do you think it would be possible to re-model test 4 based on a conditional evolution tester, from gaps in the generation number and active cell regions? Many of them will collapse if you remove a crucial spark, but if there is at least one way in which you can separate the oscillator into A and B, with the periods of the cells in the initial oscillator being IDENTICAL to (A+B), then it would be trivial.
NB: this allows non totalistic rules, and the only issues would surely be with the breakup of the oscillators, but this has to be possible anyway.
I believe it would be possible, at least in theory. The problem is handling patterns, such as the following, which have ambiguous separations:

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x = 47, y = 9, rule = B3/S23
By the way, I solved the problem (at least for non-moving patterns) in my latest versions of nontotalistic apgsearch. Feel free to adapt the code there (it's very similar to that in the demo script I provided).
V ⃰_η=c²√(Λη)

$$x_1=\eta x$$
$$K=\frac{\Lambda u^2}2$$

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