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by rmmh
March 13th, 2016, 6:43 am
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Topic: zfind discussion
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Re: zfind discussion

Here's some code to add RLE encoding to the output, for easy pasting into Golly. Add this to the end of u1_0: // RLE encoding int i, j; out += sprintf(out, "\nx = %d, y = %d\n", sp[1], (r[2] - 2 * sp[2]) / sp[2]); char *linestart = out; for(i = 2 * sp[2]; i <= r[2]; i += sp[2]){ for(j = 0; gs[4 * i ...
by rmmh
March 10th, 2016, 3:57 pm
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Topic: apgsearch v2.2
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Re: apgsearch v2.2

Can you post the 3.0 branch?

I had some ideas for AVX2 optimizations and ways to add some automated testing, but doing it on an old version of the code is pointless.

edit: never mind, I found it.
by rmmh
March 10th, 2016, 2:57 am
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Topic: Thread for your unsure discoveries
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Re: Thread for your unsure discoveries

c/4 orthogonal spaceship, minimum population 68 cells, period 4. Looks like a face: x = 45, y = 28, rule = B3/S23 9$16b3o8b3o2$16bo3bo4bo3bo$17bo2bo4bo2bo$18b2o6b2o$21b4o$17b2ob6ob2o$ 17bo10bo$14b2o2b3ob2ob3o2b2o$11bo2b2o6b2o6b2o2bo$15b2o12b2o$11b3o2b2o 10b2o2b3o! Found with "gfind B3/S23/o4/n1/l100...