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Agree with proposed deletion. I can't find any previous use of "eater 6" or "eater6" anywhere to refer to this object, or any other object for that matter, and this particular double eater is not used very often at all. It seems like a hopeless task to assign arbitrary numbers to every known eater, especially ones that eat arbitrary active patterns rather than just gliders. See Golly's Patterns/Still-Lifes folder for several dozen unnamed eaters of various kinds.

Long story short, if you find yourself inventing a name for a pattern, and you're writing a LifeWiki article using that name, the odds are very good that your work will have to be deleted. It means that you're really not documenting known usage, you're just making something up. This gets really confusing if even a few people do it, and would make the LifeWiki cluttered and useless if lots of people do it.

Exceptions are

  1. when someone comes up with a generic name, as was done this morning for 34P14.1.
  2. when references can be found to forum postings, other Web pages, books, etc., where other people are talking about the pattern using your name.
  3. (rarely) when you've been an active Lifenthusiast for several years and everyone trusts you to know what's notable and what isn't.

Another side note: we might need to remember to clean up RLE:Eater6 and RLE:Eater6p9 when this article is removed. If it's moved to a user page, I guess we won't want to delete those pages. My main worry is that I'm in the middle of writing some code to go through the LifeWiki and build RLE files based on the patterns in the RLE: namespace. I don't want to accidentally pick up patterns like these, which are (or should be) only pointed to from the User: namespace. I guess this is a reminder to write the script to collect only patterns pointed to from regular LifeWiki articles. Dvgrn (talk) 10:40, 12 October 2018 (UTC)