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  • Real name: Chris Rowett
  • My location: United Kingdom


Author of LifeViewer, a Javascript/HTML5 pattern viewer used here on the Wiki and on the Forums.


Contributions to Golly:

Golly 3.0

  • Rules
  • GUI
    • Drawing cell borders when zoomed in >2x is now controlled by a View Preference: "Zoomed cells have borders".
    • Significantly improved pattern rendering speed when zoomed in.
    • Added support for OpenGL 1.x
  • Overlay
    • Many improvements to the Overlay including the ability to play audio files.
  • Script Commands
    • Added getinfo command to get the comments from the current pattern.
    • Added getpath command to get the pathname of the current pattern.
    • The getevent command can now detect the release of a key.
  • Scripts
    • lifeviewer.lua - a Lua version of LifeViewer which runs in Golly using the Overlay (work in progress).
    • Co-wrote overlay-demo.lua which demonstrates most of the Overlay functions.
    • breakout.lua - a working game as a more sophisticated example of the Overlay functions.
    • browse-patterns.lua - allows you to browse through patterns in a folder (and optionally any sub-folders) manually or automatically.

Golly 2.8