Period-24 glider gun

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True period 24 gun
True period 24 gun image
Pattern type Gun
Number of cells 335
Bounding box 43×32
Period 24
Barrels 1
Discovered by Noam Elkies
Year of discovery 1997

Period-24 glider gun is a true period 24 gun discovered by Noam D. Elkies in 1997.[1] It uses four large period 4 oscillators (two of them variants of fountain, the other two adjoined by common casing) to hassle two T-tetrominos, which react together to produce gliders. The form on the right is a reduced variant found by Karel Suhajda.[2]

No more than five days after the initial discovery, Elkies found a method to double the period of the gun, resulting in the first known period 48 glider gun.[1] A smaller version was found in 2016 by Tanner Jacobi, using Rich's p16 to double the period.[3]

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Original period 24 glider gun.
Period 48 glider gun.

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