Tomas Rokicki

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Tomas Rokicki
Born Unknown
Residence Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Institutions Unknown
Alma mater Unknown

Tomas Rokicki is a Life enthusiast, well-known for developing Golly with Andrew Trevorrow. He created hlife, a Life simulator implementing Gosper's HashLife algorithm before working on Golly. He incorporated this algorithm into Golly, allowing it to run unimaginably large patterns at exponential speeds, as well as 64-bit and 256-state generalisations of the algorithm.

Contributions to Life

In addition to developing Golly, he discovered several long-lived methuselahs. Namely, these are 23334M, 7468M, Bunnies 10 and Bunnies 11.

Other discoveries

Using Hashlife algorithms, he has successfully determined the long-term behaviour of previously unsolved species of Paterson's Worms, leaving just one super-chaotic worm remaining. He also used an exhaustive computer search to prove that every state of the Rubik's cube can be returned to the solved state in 20 or fewer moves. This was based on his earlier record of 25 moves, but with more computational power. He has also proven that this is possible with 29 or fewer quarter-turns (the above figure includes half-turns).

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