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Smiley image
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 17
Bounding box 7×8
Frequency class 42.4
Period 8
Mod 4
Heat 22.5
Volatility 1.00
Strict volatility 1.00
Discovered by Achim Flammenkamp
Year of discovery 1994

Smiley is a period 8 oscillator that was found by Achim Flammenkamp in July 1994 and named by Alan Hensel.

In November 1994 Mark Niemiec noticed that its sparks can interact in boring, but non-trivial ways with other oscillators, optionally creating oscillators of higher periods.[1]

A 28-glider synthesis for it was discovered in January 2008 by Jason Summers.[2] In August 2015 Matthias Merzenich proposed an 8-glider synthesis based on a soup found by Adam P. Goucher using distributed apgsearch.[3]

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Generation 2 reveals the reason for smiley's name


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