Schick engine

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Schick engine
bo2bo15b$o19b$o3bo15b$4o9b2o5b$6b3o5b2o4b$6b2ob2o6b3o$6b3o5b2o4b$4o9b 2o5b$o3bo15b$o19b$bo2bo! #C [[ THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ TRACKLOOP 12 -1/2 0 THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 4 ]]
Pattern type Tagalong
Number of cells 39
Bounding box 20×11
Direction Orthogonal
Period 12
Mod 12
Speed c/2
Heat 43.2
Discovered by Paul Schick
Year of discovery 1972

Schick engine (or Schick ship) is an orthogonal c/2 spaceship that was found by Paul Schick in 1972. Alternatively, it may refer just to the tagalong (displayed in green) that is attached to the back of the two lightweight spaceships. The tagalong may also be attached to the back of two middleweight spaceships, two heavyweight spaceships, or a lightweight spaceship and a heavyweight spaceship.

Its eleven-cell rear spark can be perturbed by other c/2 spaceships to form a variety of puffers and thus it is a puffer engine.

The Schick engine and its variants have not yet appeared naturally, but have emerged from symmetric soups on Catagolue.


Tagalong in green

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