Quadratic sawtooth

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Quadratic sawtooth
Quadratic sawtooth image
Pattern type Sawtooth
Number of cells 3164
Bounding box 785×785
Expansion factor Unknown
Discovered by Martin Grant
Alexey Nigin
Year of discovery 2015

Quadratic sawtooth is a sawtooth with a quadratic envelope, assembled by Martin Grant on May 7, 2015, from a design by Alexey Nigin based on a concept posted by Aidan F. Pierce and input from several other contributors.[1]

It consists of two caber tossers with period multipliers for timing, which activate and deactivate two toggle rake guns.

The gliders emitted by those rakes annihilate on the diagonal while the rakes are eaten by 2c/5 ships. All the rakes and gliders are destroyed before the next cycle.


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