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A pufferfish spaceship is, generally, any spaceship constructed using pufferfish. The term may refer specifically to the extensible c/2 period-36 spaceship constructed by Ivan Fomichev in December 2014, the first such spaceship to contain no period-2 or period-4 parts. (The first two or three rows might be considered to be period 2 or 4, but they are directly dependent on following rows for support.).

The pattern consists of two adjacent pufferfish puffers, plus four copies of a nontrivial period-36 c/2 fuse for pufferfish exhaust, discovered using a randomized soup search.

#C Pufferfish-based spaceship #C http://conwaylife.com/wiki/Pufferfish_spaceship x = 51, y = 32, rule = B3/S23 7bo7bo18bo7bo$6b3o5b3o16b3o5b3o$5bo2b2o3b2o2bo14b2obo5bob2o$5bo3bo3bo 3bo15b2obo3bob2o$6b2ob2ob2ob2o14bob2o7b2obo$6b2obo3bob2o13bobo2bobobob o2bobo$8bo5bo15bobo3b2ob2o3bobo$9b2ob2o17b3obo5bob3o$4b2o2bo5bo2b2o13b 3o7b3o$4b2o2bo5bo2b2o13b2o9b2o$32bo11bo$8bobobobo16b2o11b2o$8b2o3b2o 16b2o11b2o2$35b2o3b2o$19bo10bo4b2o3b2o$3bo14b3o8b3o14bo$2b3o3b2o3bobob 2obo7b2obo13b3o$b2o2bo2b2o9bo8b3o13b2obo$b4obo6bo3bobo8b3o13b2o$2o5bo 7b2o2b2o7b4o14b2o$bo16bo2bo6bo2bo11bo2b2o$bob3o2bo4bobo2b2o7b2o14bo4bo $bobo3b2o4bobo2b2o3bo4bobo11bo2bobo$b2o6bo2bo7bo2bo4b3o10b2o3b2o$o5bob o4bobo4bob2o16bo$b2o2bo2bo4bo6bob2o12bo4b2o$b2o3b2o7b2o3b2ob2o2b2o6b6o $24bo4bo4bobobobo7b3o$30bo3bo2bo9bo$30bo4bo10bo$29bo17bobo! #C [[ THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 WIDTH 640 HEIGHT 640 ]]
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