Period-14 glider gun

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Period-14 Glider Gun
Period-14 Glider Gun image
Pattern type Gun
Number of cells 8519
Bounding box 385×337
Period 14
Barrels 1
Discovered by Karel Suhajda
Year of discovery 2004

Period-14 glider gun is a pseudo-period 14 gun discovered by Karel Suhajda. It has the smallest possible period for a glider gun since successive gliders cannot be closer than 14 generations apart. The actual period of the gun is 70.

More generally, this term may refer to any glider gun which emits a period 14 glider stream. There is no known true-period p14 glider gun, and finding a small direct example is well beyond current search algorithms' abilities. The first pseudo-period 14 gun was built by Dieter Leithner in 1995. Several smaller versions have since been constructed. The essential mechanism used by many of them is demonstrated in GIG.

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