p61 Herschel loop 2

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p61 Herschel loop 2
p61 Herschel loop 2 image
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 1596
Bounding box 381×70
Period 61
Mod 61
Heat 762.3
Volatility 0.92
Strict volatility 0.92
Discovered by Paul Callahan
Year of discovery 1997

P61 Herschel loop 2 is a period 61 Herschel loop oscillator found by Paul Callahan in February 1997, improving on Dave Buckingham's P61 Herschel loop 1 from his article My Experience with B-heptominos in Oscillators. It was the smallest oscillator of this period until the discovery of the Snark.

The original version was functionally equivalent but slightly larger than the pattern shown, due to its use of eater 2s instead of eater 5s to suppress each Herschel's first natural output glider, quickly enough to allow the next Herschel to follow 61 ticks later.

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