p59 Herschel loop 2

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p59 Herschel loop 2
p59 Herschel loop 2 image
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 5822
Bounding box 1074×74
Period 59
Mod 59
Heat 2135.6
Volatility 0.88
Strict volatility 0.88
Discovered by Unknown
Year of discovery 2004

p59 Herschel loop 2 is a period 59 Herschel loop oscillator. It is the smallest known oscillator of this period that does not use snarks. It makes use of 40 lengths of the 77 step Herschel track and four corner Herschel tracks that take 112 steps. These are the same tracks that are used by P59 Herschel loop 1, created by David Buckingham in 1997. The tracks are rearranged to reduce the bounding box.

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