p50 glider shuttle

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p50 glider shuttle
p50 glider shuttle image
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 188
Bounding box 33×33
Period 50
Mod 25
Heat 40.7
Volatility 0.57
Strict volatility 0.34
Discovered by Dean Hickerson
Year of discovery 1992

The p50 glider shuttle is a period 50 shuttle oscillator found in its original form by Dean Hickerson on March 3, 1992[1] and was the first period 50 oscillator to be discovered. Its original form used an early version of toaster and was based on a period 66 oscillator discovered by Robert Wainwright in September, 1984. The oscillator works by using two copies of eater 3 and four copies of a period 5 sparker (5blink would also work but only for periods 90 + 40n) found by Noam Elkies to shuttle two gliders back and forth. By increasing the distance between the two reflectors, oscillators of periods 50 + 40n can be created. In March, 1992 Hickerson created a related oscillator by crossing two pairs of gliders using rephasers, which allowed the construction of oscillators of periods 230 + 40n.

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A related p230 oscillator discovered by Dean Hickerson
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