p43 snark loop

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P43 glider loop
27b2o$27bobo$29bo4b2o$25b4ob2o2bo2bo$25bo2bo3bobob2o$28bobobobo$29b2ob obo$33bo2$19b2o$20bo8bo$20bobo5b2o$21b2o$35bo$36bo$34b3o2$25bo$25b2o$ 24bobo4b2o22bo$31bo21b3o$32b3o17bo$34bo17b2o2$45bo$46b2o12b2o$45b2o14b o$3b2o56bob2o$4bo9b2o37bo5b3o2bo$2bo10bobo37b2o3bo3b2o$2b5o8bo5b2o35b 2obo$7bo13bo22b2o15bo$4b3o12bobo21bobo12b3o$3bo15b2o22bo13bo$3bob2o35b 2o5bo8b5o$b2o3bo3b2o37bobo10bo$o2b3o5bo37b2o9bo$2obo56b2o$3bo14b2o$3b 2o12b2o$19bo2$11b2o17bo$12bo17b3o$9b3o21bo$9bo22b2o4bobo$38b2o$39bo2$ 28b3o$28bo$29bo$42b2o$35b2o5bobo$35bo8bo$44b2o2$31bo$30bobob2o$30bobob obo$27b2obobo3bo2bo$27bo2bo2b2ob4o$29b2o4bo$35bobo$36b2o! #C [[ THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 4 ZOOM 8 HEIGHT 600 WIDTH 600 POPUPHEIGHT 600 POPUPWIDTH 600 ]]
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 228
Bounding box 65×65
Period 43
Mod 43
Heat 66.05
Volatility 0.81
Strict volatility 0.81
Discovered by Mike Playle
Year of discovery 2013

The p43 snark loop is a period 43 oscillator made from Snark reflectors. It is the smallest of an infinite family of Snark-based adjustable glider loops that can have any period from 43 up. (There are much smaller glider loops made from four Snarks, but this is the smallest loop that can contain eight gliders, which is a requirement for universal adjustability.)

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