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Newshuttle image
Pattern type Oscillator
Oscillator type Shuttle
Number of cells 288
Bounding box 49×49
Period 28
Mod 28
Heat 137.1
Volatility 0.82
Strict volatility 0.82
Discovered by David Buckingham
Year of discovery 1973

Newshuttle is a period 28 pre-pulsar shuttle oscillator discovered by David Buckingham in 1973,[1][2] being the first oscillator of that period to be found. It was also the fourth shuttle oscillator to be found, after the queen bee shuttle, the twin bees shuttle, and a variation of eureka stabilized by pentadecathlons and queen bees. This was the only known period 28 oscillator until the discovery of smaller newshuttle in 1980.

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Smaller newshuttle
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