Moving sawtooth

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Moving sawtooth
Moving sawtooth image
Pattern type Sawtooth
Number of cells 1239
Bounding box 128×173
Expansion factor 3
Discovered by David Bell
Year of discovery 2005

Moving sawtooth is an orthogonal sawtooth with expansion factor 3 that was found by David Bell on July 10, 2005. Its minimum infinite repeating population is 1239, and it is notable because it and its slight modifications are the only known sawtooths that move.

The pattern works by using the output of c/3 rakes to ignite the blinkers from a blinker puffer 1 (which moves at c/2), with the number of blinkers to be consumed growing in each cycle. Once ignited, the blinker fuse burns at 2c/3.

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The sawtooth catching up to and igniting the blinker fuse three times

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