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Justyna image
Pattern type Methuselah
Number of cells 20
Bounding box 22×17
Lifespan 26458 generations
Final population 3548
L/I 1322.9
F/I 177.4
F/L 0.134
L/MCPS 661.5
Discovered by Andrzej Okrasinski
Year of discovery 2004

Justyna is a methuselah with a lifespan of 26458 generations that was found by Andrzej Okrasinski in May 2004. It stabilizes with 3548 cells.

Stable pattern

The stable pattern that results from Justyna (excluding 43 escaping gliders) has 3333 cells and consists of 245 blinkers (including 22 traffic lights and one interchange), 222 blocks, 161 beehives (including six honey farms), 46 boats, 34 loaves, 14 ponds, 14 tubs, seven ships, three long boats, three toads, one beacon, one eater 1, and one ship-tie.

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