Gunstar 2

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Gunstar 2
Gunstar 2 image
Pattern type Gun
Number of cells 363
Bounding box 119×119
Period 168
Barrels 4
Discovered by David Buckingham
Year of discovery Unknown

Gunstar 2 is a four-barreled period 168 glider gun that uses four B-heptominoes/Herschels moving around a period 840 track consisting of four 64-generation turns (R64) and eight 73-generation turns (Lx73). The B-heptominoes make use of Buckingham's transparent block reaction. It was built by David Buckingham sometime before November 20, 1991.[1] It is quite a bit smaller than the standard gunstars and has a period that is not attainable by the standard method of gunstar construction.


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