Figure eight on 22P36

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Figure eight on 22P36
Figure eight on 22P36 image
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 36
Bounding box 22×23
Period 72
Mod 72
Heat 35.75
Volatility 0.92
Strict volatility 0.01
Discovered by Szymon Bartosiewicz
Year of discovery 2016

Figure eight on 22P36, not to be confused with Figure eight on 36P22, is a period 72 oscillator composed of a figure eight and a 22P36 that was found on April 26, 2016.[1] In terms of its 36 cells, it is the smallest known period 72 oscillator. It has one cell that oscillates at p72, and therefore is considered non-trivial.


  1. Szymon Bartosiewicz (April 26, 2016). "Re: Thread for your unsure discoveries". Retrieved on April 26, 2016.

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