Eater 3

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Eater 3
Eater 3 image
Pattern type Constellation
Number of cells 31
Bounding box 12×12
Discovered by David Buckingham
Year of discovery Unknown

Eater 3 is a large symmetric eater that was found by David Buckingham and has a very different eating action from eater 1 and eater 2; however, it shares with those two eaters the ability to eat gliders. The loaf can take bites out things, being flipped over in the process. The rest of the object simply flips it back again. Two copies of the eater 3 can share a loaf, forming the period 8 oscillator shown below.

The eater 3 can be reduced in area by using snakes rather than tubs in the casing; this property is used to compact the rectifier.

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A related period 8 oscillator
Download RLE: click here

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