Breeder 1

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Breeder 1
Breeder 1 image
Pattern type Breeder
Number of cells 4060
Bounding box 749×338
Direction Unknown
Period Unknown
Speed Unknown
Discovered by Bill Gosper
Year of discovery Unknown

Breeder 1, or lobster, is the first breeder, and in fact the first pattern to exhibit quadratic growth, that was found in Conway's Game of Life. It was found by Bill Gosper in the early 1970s[1], and is a puffer that produces Gosper glider guns. Many smaller patterns, known as spacefillers, have since been found that grow quadratically more quickly.

Image gallery

Breeder 1 at generation 1000


Breeder 1 evolving for four thousand generations, creating approximately 4,500 gliders


  1. Alan Hensel's pattern collection.