Blinker ship 1

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Blinker ship 1
Blinker ship 1 image
Pattern type Growing spaceship
Number of cells 63
Direction Orthogonal
Front period 12
Front speed c/2
Back period 26
Back speed 6c/13
Discovered by Paul Schick
Year of discovery Unknown

Blinker ship 1 is a blinker ship that was created by Paul Schick based on his Schick engine. The front part is a period 12 blinker puffer that and moves at c/2 and leaves a new blinker once every six cells, while the back part is period 26 blinker fuse that moves at 6c/13. Every 156 generations 13 blinkers are created and 12 are destroyed, so the wick becomes one blinker longer.

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